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Our Legacy

Leadership Continues

Continiue to provide technical leadership in Instrumentation to our customers through introduction of new technologies from the world leaders.

 Leadership Continues

Hygea Healthcare

Entered new Segment of Hygea Health Care through through Products & Services.
2011 & Beyond

Hygea Health Care

State-of-the-art Production

A fully modernized Production House was started at Noida to take care of overseas needs of Civil Engineering Instruments.

Civil Engineering Instruments

Virtual Instrumentation

Aimil walked towards the virtual instrumentation; New Products were added & Quality to the next level instruments.

virtual instrumentation

Digital Revolution

In the 90's Aimil became part of the digital revolution by addressing new technologies such as CDMA, SDH, ISDN, Broadband Fiber Optic levels, ATM and is now moving towards virtual instrumentation.

Technology Revolution

Quality Assurance

In the 80's Aimil concentrated on Quality Control instrumentation through ISO 9000 programmes and Quality Assurance tools.

Quality Control

Analytical Research

In the 70's We had the vision to meet the needs of the future -- new markets in space, atomic energy and defence technology which opened up. We, addressed the market through fundamental analytical research instruments.

Analytical Research


In the 60's Electronics was the buzz word. Aimil set up the first calibration centre in India.

Electronic Buzz

Research & Development

In the 50's Aimil added to its strength by investing in research and development for indigenous production of instruments. Aimil became the first Indian instrument manufacturer to get its R&D department recognised by the Government of India.

Research & Development

Set up

To exploit the opportunities offered by the emerging markets of Asia, a British entrepreneur set up Associated Instruments Manufacturers India (Pvt.) Ltd. (Aimil), along with companies under the AIM banner in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and various parts of South Asia.

Emerging Market